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There is always a lot going on in the world of charter fishing in Truro, Massachusetts. Keep current on the latest fishing action with reports from Captain Bobby Rice of Reel Deal Fishing Charters. Find out what others are catching while anticipating your fishing charter.

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Cape Cod Fishing Reports for the 2020 Season

  • 7/9/20: SURFACE BLITZ! Watch striped bass blitzing the surface off Cape Cod with the Reel Deal fleet! Spectacular striped bass fishing this week, be sure to get in on his action while it lasts - BOOK YOUR CAPE COD FISHING CHARTER TODAY!
  • 7/02/20: So there may not be many parades, parties or fireworks this weekend - but there will be FISHING!! Celebrate the 4th with Cape Cod's nautical stars and stripers aboard the Reel Deal fishing charter fleet. Contact us today for availability!
  • 6/24/20: Awesome Cape Cod striped bass fishing activity on topwater plugs, vertical jigs and live bait - an angler's dream! Striped bass of all sizes including a few impressive catches over the last couple days. We had a trip just open up for tomorrow, call now to head out for your tight lines!
  • 6/18/20: It is mid-June already! The Reel Deal fleet enjoys some high action Cape Cod striped bass fishing this week. With this being the last week of school for many students..get your graduate celebrating aboard a Reel Deal boat with tight lines and bright smiles!
  • 6/13/20: A beautiful Cape Cod weekend unfolds as we reflect on some great striped bass catches of the week! We have openings this coming week with a great weather forecast. Book your Cape Cod fishing charter today!
  • 6/04/20: The Reel Deal fleet is getting into some bigger keeper striped bass!! Enjoy some time on the beautiful waters of Cape Cod with tight lines as summer slowly winks at us on the horizon. Contact us today for availability - the extended forecast looks great!
  • 5/28/20: Started out an early morning hitting the black sea bass fishing grounds, then after a quick limit - hauled Reel Deal II back home, jumped into the Done Deal and launched out of Pamet for some striped bass action..Cape Cod fishing is pretty amazing, you want to be out fishing now!
  • 5/27/20: Lots of action available on smaller sized striped bass and good haddock activity as well. Not catching trophy stripers yet, but still euphoric to be back on the water in the fresh salt air with tight lines. Anyone interested in an invigorating Cape Cod fishing charter with bent rods - call us today!
  • 5/25/20: WE ARE OPEN!! We couldn't be happier to have our fleet out on the water today as our 2020 season officially begins. This video highlights some changes to your fishing charter experience as we follow the COVID-19 safety protocols currently in place in Massachusetts. The fish are biting, the temperatures are getting warmer - BOOK YOUR CAPE COD FISHING CHARTER TODAY!
  • 5/18/20: Massachusetts has announced charter fishing can resume on Monday, May 25th! We are taking reservations for fishing trips on May 25, 2020 and after. Our boats are ready for the fishing season! We will be following all the required procedures to re-open. Please BOOK YOUR CAPE COD FISHING CHARTER TODAY!
  • 5/11/20: Stop the For-Hire Fishing Industry Shutdown!! Please REACH OUT to your state reps and senators and Secretary of State TODAY demanding the for-hire fishing industry to re-open now. Timing for this is critical!
  • 5/07/20: Check out the recent Provincetown Banner article about how Reel Deal believes we can safely take our customers out fishing!
  • 4/27/20: Massachusetts has shutdown the for-hire fishing industry. Please sign our petition to support safely and smartly re-opening charter fishing ASAP! We are still taking reservations for trips starting May 19th.
  • 4/18/20: In addition to offering fishing charters this season, we will also be selling whole fish from our boats! Anyone interested in being contacted when our boats have fish to sell please fill out our contact form. We will also be rolling out more details on how this will work soon!
  • 4/4/20: In reviewing all our 2019 video footage, we found this awesome clip of humpback whales bubble feeding off Cape Cod in late August. While I am working on a bluefin tuna video, this clip was too amazing to not share immediately! Enjoy a few moments observing these magnificent creatures and we hope it brings some joy and awe of nature's beauty into your day..
  • 3/29/20: Cape Cod pond fishing! Fun family times on a local pond catching perch and largemouth bass. Hope you all are staying well! We continue to take reservations for the upcoming fishing season, please contact us today for any questions or to book your Cape Cod fishing charter!
  • 3/18/2020: The Reel Deal family is wishing everyone health and safety during the Coronavirus pandemic. During this time we continue to stay optimistic and look forward to the upcoming fishing season! Our boats will be ready to go for haddock fishing in mid-April and we have implemented processes for increasing our cleaning practices on all our vessels and equipment. Please contact us for any questions or to book your trip today!
  • 2/04/2020: Cape Cod's black sea bass fishing is just around the corner!! Starting in mid-May book your Cape Cod fishing charter for these fun fighting and fantastic eating fish. The days are getting longer and we will be back on the water before you know us today for best dates!
  • 1/15/2020: WELCOME 2020! The Captains and crew of Reel Deal abound with energy as we enter our 20th year in the Cape Cod fishing charter business! We reflect on twenty amazing years and brightly look forward to continue to broaden and strengthen our devotion and impact on this incredible industry. Please contact us today to say Hi, book your fishing charter and let us know how you're doing! Haddock fishing trips will begin in late April..

Cape Cod Fishing Reports for the 2019 Season

  • 12/19/19: The annual Reel Deal holiday song is released!! Enjoy a review of some of our fun-filled Cape Cod bluefin tuna and striped bass catches of the season. Wishing you all a wonderful time and best fishes for 2020!
  • 11/20/19: Contact us today to reserve your 2020 Cape Cod Fishing Charter! We are very much looking forward to our 20th year in business arriving soon. We will be updating many photos in our gallery and posting videos to our social media pages soon from this season's truly amazing catches - STAY TUNED!! Plus Captain Elena's annual holiday fishing song is in the works and GIFT CERTIFICATES available for all those anglers on your Nice List!
  • 10/1/19: PLEASE VOTE for CAPTAIN BOBBY RICE! Captain Bobby Rice has been nominated as one of the nation's best fishing charter captains by SPORTFISHING magazine. We greatly appreciate it if you would CAST YOUR VOTE to make him one of the Top Charter Captains of the year! Please click here and scroll through to his picture, then click Vote. (The Captains are listed alphabetically by last name, so he is towards the lower half.) Thank you all so very much for your time in supporting Captain Bobby Rice and Reel Deal Fishing Charters as we are very honored to represent Cape Cod in this competition!
  • 9/30/19: The Reel Deal fleet is on the Cape Cod BLUEFIN TUNA bite! Captain Bobby, Ian and Chad all went tight and landed beautiful bluefin tuna today and enjoyed several happy charter customers who would soon be savoring some sushi for dinner! Contact us today, availability starting tomorrow!
  • 8/27/19: Astounding shows by Mother Cape Cod this past week as the Reel Deal fleet marveled at some amazing whale activity with humpbacks, finbacks and minkes mixed in seemingly miles of shearwaters dancing on the surface. Brilliant sunrises, majestic rainbows..oh yes and striped bass too! Countless reasons to be on the waters of outer Cape Cod. Be sure to get in on this beauty and the bent rod - contact us today, availability starting tomorrow!
  • 8/16/19: Happy Friday my fishy friends! Some big striped bass show up off outer Cape Cod again and we'll take it! There is still plenty of summer to be enjoyed, book your Cape Cod fishing charter today! And to any of our Reel Deal customers looking for a tuna report, please contact us directly.
  • 8/7/19: The first week of August abounds with bent rods and the return of some topwater action! Hooray for the RD Bomb working its magic again. Also getting striped bass & blues vertically jigging and with live bait. All the Captain's tricks were in use this week! Please check our online calendar for availability or contact us directly as we would love to fish Cape Cod with you!
  • 7/31/19: Highlights from the last couple weeks of a brilliant and summery July which brought us magnificent sunrises, challenging (at times!) striped bass fishing and some really big bluefish! Every day on the waters of Cape Cod is a dream and we look forward to sharing these moments with you - contact us today
  • 7/26/19: Captain Bobby Rice of Reel Deal Fishing Charters recently lands a giant bluefin tuna off Cape Cod with his two sons aboard our 33' Invincible, Done Deal. Nice job Brady Rice (13) on smoking this 77" stud with the harpoon! This week proved an increase in activity for bluefin tuna fishing as Captain Bobby picks up this fish while marking several others and the week's score so far is Reel Deal 1 - Tuna 1 as Captain Ian Wall loses an epic battle with another giant bluefin at the side of Reel Deal II. Awesome job on!!
  • 7/20/19: Watch unique aerial and underwater footage of striped bass and blues chasing pogies off Cape Cod with the Reel Deal Fishing Charters fleet. Striped bass and blues part the seas of millions of bait fish while darting through this liquid maze on the hunt for their next meal. Enjoy and be sure to book your fishing charter with Reel Deal to see this action first hand!
  • 7/13/19:The first stretch of July offers more bent rods and striped bass beauties for anglers fishing with team Reel Deal! Topwater plugs, live bait and a whole lot of effort from our Captains are keeping those drags peeling. We do what it takes - we travel as far as needed to keep our customers on the bite! Book with the best today
  • 7/1/19: The topwater bite is on and Bobby Rice's RD Bomb (from Daddy Mac Lures) is producing some amazing catches! Anglers of all ages are having a complete blast with this bomb-basstic action! Cape Cod is the place to be fishing - call us today!
  • 6/27/19:Rolling into the last week of June the Reel Deal captains stay on top of some trophy striped bass catches off Cape Cod! Hats off to our album cover Ashlyn Wing on this huge topwater beauty landed aboard the Done Deal!
  • 6/21/19:The Reel Deal fleet is out rain or shine putting our customers on some superb Cape Cod striped bass catches this week again tipping the scales darn close to 40lbs!! We provide top quality Grundens rain gear for all our fishing charters to keep you dry and comfortable while on the water. Be sure to get in on the bite and contact us to reserve your fishing charter today!
  • 6/12/19: The time to go charter fishing with Reel Deal is NOW!! Many striped bass well over 30-lbs landed this week including all these great catches. Cape Cod fishing at its best should not be missed - call Reel Deal today!
  • 6/7/19: The amazing captains of Reel Deal keep lines tight with some fantastic catches during a somewhat non-typical start to the season given less favorable late Spring weather conditions than usual. We are picking up some fairly large (30+ lbs!) stripers mixed in with smaller keepers and shorts. Contact us today to book your June fishing adventure recommending a full-day trip if possible to maximize your chances of landing the catch of a lifetime!
  • 5/19/19: Traveling to multiple destinations around Cape Cod this weekend finding bent rods everywhere the Reel Deal charter fishing fleet went! From haddock to black sea bass & (huge!) scup to striped bass..Cape Cod is the place to be fishing!! Contact team Reel Deal today for tight lines in your fishing future. Check out the Gallery for recent photos!
  • 4/8/19: Welcome to our first episode of TunaVision!! Previously unseen footage of the Reel Deal Fishing Charters team crushing the bluefin tuna off Cape Cod during season 2018 landing many fish on light tackle spinning and conventional fishing gear throwing topwater plugs, jigging and drifting bait. While we did not post these photos and videos during the season it is now the time to sit back and enjoy this amazing angling anthology of tight lines. Book your bluefin tuna fishing adventure for 2019! (Warning: A few moments of adult language, but that's bluefin tuna fishing for ya!)
  • 4/2/19: Regulation Update The black sea bass fishing season opens Saturday, May 18th. Time to book your 2019 Cape Cod fishing charter to get the best dates - remember June for striped bass and September for bluefin tuna fill in fast! We greatly look forward to fishing with you, contact us now.
  • 1/11/19: Happy New Year!! Time to book your 2019 Cape Cod fishing charter to get the best dates - remember June for striped bass and September for bluefin tuna fill in fast! We greatly look forward to seeing new and familiar faces smiling with a bent rod in hand.

Cape Cod Fishing Reports for the 2018 Season

  • 12/19/18: The annual Reel Deal holiday song is released!! Enjoy a review of some of our fun-filled Cape Cod bluefin tuna and striped bass catches of the season. Wishing you all a wonderful time and best fishes for 2019!
  • 11/9/18: Check out the latest collaborative video featuring Cape Cod striped bass fishing with On The Water Magazine and Reel Deal Fishing Charters: watch now. The floats have been removed at Pamet Harbor, Truro and the official 2018 fishing season is coming to a close. We have many, many truly awesome photos and videos to share with you over the next few months as we reflect on a spectacular Cape Cod fishing season. An immense thank you to all our amazing customers and be sure to book your 2019 fishing charter soon!
  • 8/19/18: Time for a shout out and thank you to all of our customers! We have had the privilege of fishing Cape Cod with many fun, fantastic and loyal anglers so far this season and we are very grateful for all your posts, reviews and referrals. #ReelDealFamily
  • 8/7/18:Catching up on a whole bunch of awesome Reel Deal photos from the past several days.. Beautiful sunrises, beautiful catches - pinch me outings on Cape Cod waters, a midsummer's striped dream, indeed! Still time to get in your fishing charter, contact us today!
  • 7/28/18: Cape Cod fishing with Reel Deal stays top notch as the Fantasic Four crush it this week with more amazing catches!! Take a moment to enjoy all our waters have to offer and fish aboard our charter boats today!
  • 7/21/18: Mid-July striped bass fishing stays strong as Reel Deal enjoys fishing with some fantastic families and friends this week! We're super appreciative of the continued above average conditions. Come fish Cape Cod with us soon!
  • 7/14/18: Happy July my friends as another fin-errific week of striped bass fishing transpires for the Reel Deal fishing charter fleet! Great catches rolling up to the new moon and a super one at that..haven't gone fishing yet on your Cape Cod visit? Well why not!! Call us today
  • 7/7/18:The Reel Deal fleet is definitely striping up the summer days with some beautiful keeper bass!! Add some splash to your Cape Cod visit and be sure to head out on our charter fishing boats soon!
  • 6/29/18: Happy Cape Cod summer vacation as school is out and striped bass are in! The Reel Deal captains putting in 110% to keep our customers on top of some superb striped bass including this 50-inch fish (which was released!)
  • 6/18/18: The Reel Deal fleet produces some super-sized stripers over Father's Day weekend. Great action on topwater and vertical jigs off outer Cape Cod. If you missed it be sure to call today as the hot bite continues!
  • 6/10/18: Bent rods, big striped bass and sore arms have been the theme of the past few days of fantastic topwater activity off Cape Cod. The days are long and lines are tight, be sure to get your fishing charter booked today!
  • 6/4/18: Our hearty anglers were well rewarded for their time with the Reel Deal boats in the rain today with these great big striped bass!! Multiple fish in the mid-40 inch range.
  • 5/30/18: The time for fishing Cape Cod is now!! More awesome striped bass for the RD Bomb! Get in on the fun while it lasts and contact us today.
  • 5/25/18: Okay I know it's only Friday, but let's face it - the holiday weekend has begun! The Reel Deal team has been on a tear this week with the RD Bomb absolutely crushing the topwater scene. Rain or shine we will be out there everyday - contact us now for your next awesome Cape Cod fishing trip.
  • 5/17/18: The topwater striped bass fishing begins with the Reel Deal Bomb hooking multiple fish! Check out our recent photos and be sure to reserve your Cape Cod Fishing Charter for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend!

  • 5/14/18: The striped bass are here!! It's been a long winter, time to go striped fishing off Cape Cod. Book your striped bass fishing charter now.
  • 5/3/18: We are super excited to announce the newest addition to the Reel Deal fleet - the Done Deal! Our 33' Invincible offshore center console fishing machine has been described as the fastest, driest, best riding Open Fisherman on the market. Be sure to check it out!
  • 4/28/18Haddock Time!! Back on the water at last and it surely felt awesome in itself with some good haddock fishing as an added bonus. Call today for your ground fishing trip and stay tuned as the striped bass will be here soon!
  • 4/08/18: Spring is here! Well sort of..Contact us for now for your epic Cape Cod striped bass fishing charter.
  • 3/10/18: Powerful nor-easters rock Cape Cod at winter's end with damaging winds and coastal flooding - very thankful the Reel Deal crew and fleet has remained safe! We are surely looking forward to calmer seas and that first day on the water, ground fishing trips starting in mid-April, Book your Cape Cod fishing charter today.
  • 2/7/18: Mercury Marine engine repowers are underway as we gear up for the 2018 charter fishing season..hope you’re as excited as we are!!
  • 1/2/18: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Another amazing Cape Cod fishing season awaits..we greatly look forward to fishing with you! Book your 2018 fishing charter now - June and September are filling in quickly.

Cape Cod Fishing Reports for the 2017 Season

  • 10/8/17: Captains Bobby Rice and Ian Wall continue to stay on the bluefin tuna during a fantastic Fall season off Cape Cod!! We will be out there any weather window that allows - be sure to get your trip in during the next couple weeks!
  • 9/25/17: Super thankful for another great birthday with my Dad complete with calm seas and excellent bluefin tuna fishing! Picked up our two under, an over and released a giant off Cape Cod. Close by Reel Deal 3 also had their customers on the meat as Captain Ian brought in his own tuna as well. Openings this weekend - call today!
  • 7/8/17: As June dissolves into July the Reel Deal boats continue to put up some very starry results on the striped bass board!! The awesome Cape Cod fishing off Truro and Provincetown stays strong - book your fishing charter today!
  • 6/26/17: Anglers fishing aboard the Reel Deal fleet certainly have been blessed with beauty and the bass as amazing Cape Cod sunrises and erupting striped bass blitzes paint the horizon. June reigns as the pinch-me month offering truly memorable striped bass fishing including some fish over 40 lbs!!
  • 6/18/17: Watch our epic striped bass GoPro footage recently captured off Cape Cod by Captain Bobby Rice! The amazing surface blitz is today for your next greatest fishing trip.
  • 6/11/17: Striped bass and bent rods are the signature of the Reel Deal dream team as June unfolds with truly “fin-tastic” conditions off Cape Cod. We still have a few openings for fishing arter Destinations in the USA which includes Cape Cod and Reel Deal Fishing Charters.
  • 1/3/17: Happy New Year! It's a new year for bent rods and great catches aboard the Reel Deal fishing fleet. Book your Cape Cod fishing charter now for best availability.

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