Truro & Cape Cod Scenes

One of olde Cape Cod’s most unique towns that has held its old school charm just south of Provincetown escape to Truro for peace, solace and beauty.  Truro’s pristine ocean side beaches stretch for miles! We were born and raised in Truro and could not be more grateful to have established a business here in the town we love so much. Check out these Things You May Not Know about Truro.

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Enjoy an ocean sunrise from one of our center console fishing boats on your next Cape Cod fishing charter!

The “Target Ship”

An aerial view of the “target ship” captured on our drone today! Get a glimpse of what the ship looks like from above.

Here also is some historical information from

The official name of the ship was the S.S. Longstreet. She was one of the so-called “Liberty Ships,” or cargo vessels, built during World War II to carry supplies to the Allied troops. At the end of the conflict, this ship was towed out into Cape Cod Bay and deliberately grounded in some twenty feet of water to serve as a target for practice bombing runs by fighter planes from the Otis Air Force Base near the Cape Cod Canal.

For several decades the bombing, by both day and night, attracted crowds of local residents and summer visitors to the beaches of Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, and Wellfleet, where it provided free entertainment and vicarious excitement. When the bombing runs were ended for safety reasons in the early 1970s, the ship, which had unintentionally become an artificial reef for marine life, served as a popular fishing spot for both humans and seabirds.